POAS for all the wrong reasons …


I’ve not been saying terribly much recently but I thought today I’d post. Since IVF 1.0 was cancelled and I started DHEA and working out the much treasured AF has been conspicuous by her absence. Evil Witch !!!

Because of my history with endometrial hyperplasia it’s pretty unwise to go too long between cycles so my RE prescribed me with Provera to take if necessary, but under strict instructions to pee on a stick before starting them.

So that was my day today. Get up. POAS to make sure I’m not preggers as opposed to hoping that it’s positive. Of course it was negative. Yes another negative. It was like another kick in the nuts (or girly equivalent) another bit of the process which reinforces that we weren’t successful, we didn’t even get close.

So tonight I get to start another drug. I hope it’s not got any meh side effects that will put me off my stride. I hope that the bleed it induces isn’t a sod. I hope that one day I’ll POAS with the honest anticipation that it could just could be positive!

So that’s it from me. For now anyways! I’ll let my inner child have her pity party tonight but when the alarm goes off at 5am I’ll expect her to get her gym gear on and show up at the gym with her signature smile on!

I reckon I’m about 82 days till we get to try again SO that’s my focus for now.


ouefs marinés …


Its been a whole week since IVF 1.0 was pulled out from under my feet.  It’s been a busy week and my lovely mr me has done a super job of keeping me occupied doing accounts and gardening and going on mini shopping sprees for garden furniture and other such grown up stuff!

Last Monday morning I put away all my drug paraphernalia, cos let’s face it I’ll not be needing any of it for a few months.  So it’s kinda nestled away in an out of sight out of mind manner waiting to be woken up.  A bit like my errant sleepy pissy ovaries!  

I’ve always had a very very inappropriate sense of humour but when I found my last vial of fertility meds nestled in the fridge beside a jar of pickled eggs I found it totally hilarious!  I just had to share!  

While I’ve been pretty accepting that my cycle was cancelled I’ve had a few wee wobbles that I should be well on my way through egg retrieval and worrying about fertilisation reports and embryo transfers.  But you know what I still feel pretty positive that I’ll get to go through those stages at some point it’s just maybe not quite right now.  

Of course I’ve been having lots of discussions with dr google regarding what I can do to improve my chances for next time and what could have screwed up this cycle, couldn’t just be me being rubbish afterall!  

So I’ve started taking DHEA as prescribed and I’ve stopped taking Metformin to see if that’ll help.  I’ve read LOADS of stuff that Met can reduce your follicle count which in turn reduces your AMH.  Hey!  I’ll try anything once!

anyways!  I  just wanted to stop by and share my picked eggs before I go get busy with my trowel.  My neglected garden is getting overgrown with weeds! Bleugh!  I hate weeding!

see you anon blogtype chums!