time flies when …

it’s said that time flies when you’re having fun but I think it seems to fly when you’re just trotting through a soup of normality too.

I’ve been on DHEA for ????? days now

I’ve got no 5 o’clock shadow to boast about, my voice is still pretty squeaky, my boobs haven’t shrunk and I seem to be keeping the majority of my abundant hair. So of course I’m doubting if it’s done anything at all to improve my egg quality?! Surely if there are no side effects that means there are no effects?!

I’ve got more pimples than a chocolate loving adolescent though!

When ivf 1.0 was cancelled and I started these pills I thought I had ages to wait till we got to start again but here we are again on the cusp of ivf 1.1

I’ve not gotten my protocol yet but I started Provera again yesterday to encourage the witch to show herself. My clinic is juggling my dates around to try and match up with the hubster being back in the country for 18 wee short days.

I’ve been having SO many doubts recently though … Are we doing the right thing? Should we try? Is it “just not meant to be!”? Are we too old? Am I being selfish? Have I done enough to try and get in better shape? Should I start acupuncture now? Should I just stop over analysing stuff and take a deep breath?

If I wasn’t already feeling like we may, just may, be a smidge too old to be turning our life on its head I think I’d take a break. I’d wait till my bloke was home in October to give it a go instead of this August attempt. But my biological clock is louder than Big Ben most days!

So yip … Time flies and with it I get older every second …


blissful innocence …

I’m a keen listener. I love to earwig into conversations that I’m not directly involved in. I’ll hold my hands up and say I’m curious … Ok ok … Nosey!

I’d love to rationalise this by saying it’s my inner artist always trying to find a new angle or thought or belief that could be expressed through imagery but it’s not! I just love people! And I love love. And I looooove plans! So guess that’s why I’m a wedding photographer!

Anyways … I’m waffling …

I was at a social gathering for a future wedding couple of mine, I’m great friends with the brides mother, and I could hear them chatting to friends of theirs who are also getting married soon. The chat went vaguely like this:

Bride 1: oh I’m SO excited about our weddings!
Bride 2: I know! We’ve been friends forever isn’t it nice we’ll be brides at the same time?!
Bride 1: we’re going to give it a year of just being us then we’re going to try for a kid.
Bride 2: us too! Awesome! We’ll be mothers together too!
Groom 1: yeah we want to have two kids so we need to get number one done next year so we can have two years between them and be done by the time we’re 30! Who’d want to have a kid when they’re over 30?!

Sigh … I hope it works out for them! I genuinely do.

It just made me think back fondly to the days where I just assumed it’d happen. Oh how I miss that blissful innocence!