sharing smiles …

I had my first monitoring appointment for IVF cycle 1.1 today.

It was lovely to have my mr me with me, even though my hormones largely want to kick his ass. We were ridiculously early for our appointment but as always I didn’t have to wait. I heart my clinic a lot!

Waiting for my RE to come into my room I told mr me I was concerned I had coffee breath! Helpfully he tried to reassure me he wasn’t going to be at that end so probably wouldn’t notice! And you wonder why I want to merrily throttle him?!

I saw my favourite nurse today too! She’s just a gem and makes me giggle heaps! It REALLY helps to feel SO welcomed at your clinic. I really have never ever felt like just another number trodding through their clinical practice and that’s so refreshing.

So … Historically my ultrasounds involve lots of prodding and digging and standing on my guts and LOTS of concerned faces … However I’m happy to say that wasn’t the case this time! Woop woop!

My ovaries clearly got the memo this time! They were both present and correct and they made my team smile. I’ll take that!

I’m not 100% sure how many are in there. I never asked and they never told me. But I think I’m going to try the low stress method of just letting them take care of the science and not trying to second guess them … Me knowing won’t change anything so I’ll adopt the “it is what it is” attitude I think. (Wish me luck with that! I reckon I’ll have emailed by the end of the day to ask, unless I sit on my paws!)

My bloods also came back great so I’m basically plodding along merrily with no changes in dose and another monitoring appointment scheduled for midweek.

Sooooo … Game is still a go-go for now a and I’ll happily accept that for now I get to keep moving forward.

Good Job Ovaries! Now keep up the hardwork! If you ace this stage you’ll get some extra special attention through in the inner sanctum of the clinic soon enough! There’s no show without you two!


stim day 4 …

I kinda wish I’d taken note of how I was feeling last cycle to compare to this one … So in the interest of future reference that’s what I’ll do now!

TMI alert! I feel SO constipated (although I don’t think that I am at all!) maybe that’s the “full” feeling starting to take shape? Although I’d have thought it was a bit early?!

I feel ANGRY !!! My poor mr me is a saint! However! If I don’t stab him in the eye with a steaming red hot poker it’ll be a major miracle! I think I’ll have to find him chores to keep him out of harms way for a bit! Queue extensive “Honey Do” list!

I’m a teeny tiny bit red round the injection sites but actually less than last time I thinks?

I’m piiiiissed off that I am the worlds worst organised OCD person ever! I decided this morning that i’d like to stay overnight in Victoria so I’m not up at the crack of sparrows for a two and a half hour drive down … So I task mr me with seeking a room … Nope! No room at any inn! It’s obviously super busy with tourists this weekend! So I’ll be shooting myself in the belly in a layby on the way down. Ho hum! I’ll know to plan my spontaneity next time!

So … That’s a brief round up of how I’m feeling today after three days of shots administered and one lined up and ready to go at 9pm …

Fingers crossed that my monitoring appointment goes well tomorrow! I’ll update soon ☺️


i’m a go-go girl!

I’ve been a wee bit lax with blogging … SOZ! My bad! BUT …

I started my stims for IVF 1.1 last night … Woohoo! My protocol this time is the Microdose Flare Protocot with a minimal amount of suppression and pretty hefty amounts of Puregon & Repronex and a teeny drop of dexamethasone chucked in daily too!

Let’s get this paaaaartaaaaay started!

I’m not sure how I’m feeling entirely yet … I had a bit of a restless night last night and I’m not sure if I can attribute it to the meds or to the fact there’s a bloke in bed with me again after 5 weeks of starfish! (Hubby works away for extended periods) but either way it’s game on!

I think I’m still as focused on the end result and I’m fairly chilled out. I’m not worried about being cancelled again, because if it happens then it happens, there’s nothing I can do about it. I actually think till I wrote that I’d not actually thought too much about how this cycle will pan out …maybe that’s weird?!

So anyways … Note to my ovaries – seeing as you dumped the cycle 1.0 memo in the spam folder apparently!

Respond in a timely manner … Be neat and tidy … Smart and goal driven … Brush your teeth and comb your hair! You’re going to have company so shoulders back chest out and pay attention this time!

OR ELSE !!!!!!


big girl pants …

So after a huge wobble where I told my clinic I didn’t think I wanted my August spot and I’d rather wait till October to try again I managed to locate my big girl pants!

Thankfully my favourite nurse hadn’t written me off and hadn’t spoken to the doctor about my crazy logic so when I emailed her back a few days after my wobble she said my spot was still there for me. She was giving me a few days just to think … I heart her lots!

So I took another round of Provera, and thankfully didn’t feel as dizzy and icky as last month, but AF has shown up with a vengeance now and the thought of cutting my grass for the next three hours just makes me want to bawl my eyes out! I’m sure I need to check the terms bad conditions of marriage! I’m pretty confident that’s a blue job in the handbook!

Anyways … So I’ve not got my protocol through yet (as they’re tweaking my dates) so I don’t know what they’re planning for me this time … But I started BCP yesterday so I guess it’s game on …

Am I 100% sure I’m doing the right thing? Nope …
Am I 100% sure I’m ready to go again? Nuh!
Am I 100% sure on anything? Not really … But hey ho …

As a lovely lady I met through this journey suggested I’m following the path of least regret …

Happy Sunday Funday