big girl pants …

So after a huge wobble where I told my clinic I didn’t think I wanted my August spot and I’d rather wait till October to try again I managed to locate my big girl pants!

Thankfully my favourite nurse hadn’t written me off and hadn’t spoken to the doctor about my crazy logic so when I emailed her back a few days after my wobble she said my spot was still there for me. She was giving me a few days just to think … I heart her lots!

So I took another round of Provera, and thankfully didn’t feel as dizzy and icky as last month, but AF has shown up with a vengeance now and the thought of cutting my grass for the next three hours just makes me want to bawl my eyes out! I’m sure I need to check the terms bad conditions of marriage! I’m pretty confident that’s a blue job in the handbook!

Anyways … So I’ve not got my protocol through yet (as they’re tweaking my dates) so I don’t know what they’re planning for me this time … But I started BCP yesterday so I guess it’s game on …

Am I 100% sure I’m doing the right thing? Nope …
Am I 100% sure I’m ready to go again? Nuh!
Am I 100% sure on anything? Not really … But hey ho …

As a lovely lady I met through this journey suggested I’m following the path of least regret …

Happy Sunday Funday

4 thoughts on “big girl pants …

  1. Wicked AF, always such a party pooper!! Cutting grass – there is a caveat is the universal rule book of marriages that says spouses are to assume all household chores, Indoors and out, while the other is dealing with AF. This also includes fetching nourishment even if that means calling for delivery 😄

    • I think mr me wrote an exception clause to accommodate the fact that he’s seldom home! Arse! No wonder we need ivf! We’ve been married for 11 years but only physically together for about 5 😝

      You think I can convince him to let me get a man in to take over when he’s not home?!

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