stim day 4 …

I kinda wish I’d taken note of how I was feeling last cycle to compare to this one … So in the interest of future reference that’s what I’ll do now!

TMI alert! I feel SO constipated (although I don’t think that I am at all!) maybe that’s the “full” feeling starting to take shape? Although I’d have thought it was a bit early?!

I feel ANGRY !!! My poor mr me is a saint! However! If I don’t stab him in the eye with a steaming red hot poker it’ll be a major miracle! I think I’ll have to find him chores to keep him out of harms way for a bit! Queue extensive “Honey Do” list!

I’m a teeny tiny bit red round the injection sites but actually less than last time I thinks?

I’m piiiiissed off that I am the worlds worst organised OCD person ever! I decided this morning that i’d like to stay overnight in Victoria so I’m not up at the crack of sparrows for a two and a half hour drive down … So I task mr me with seeking a room … Nope! No room at any inn! It’s obviously super busy with tourists this weekend! So I’ll be shooting myself in the belly in a layby on the way down. Ho hum! I’ll know to plan my spontaneity next time!

So … That’s a brief round up of how I’m feeling today after three days of shots administered and one lined up and ready to go at 9pm …

Fingers crossed that my monitoring appointment goes well tomorrow! I’ll update soon ☺️

5 thoughts on “stim day 4 …

    • Hey Cycle Buddy! I heart VFC! I can’t compare then to another Canadian clinic but they knock the spots off the clinic I was at in the UK!

      Here’s hoping for a cracking cycle for both of us!

      Safe and happy travels for this week!

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