sharing smiles …

I had my first monitoring appointment for IVF cycle 1.1 today.

It was lovely to have my mr me with me, even though my hormones largely want to kick his ass. We were ridiculously early for our appointment but as always I didn’t have to wait. I heart my clinic a lot!

Waiting for my RE to come into my room I told mr me I was concerned I had coffee breath! Helpfully he tried to reassure me he wasn’t going to be at that end so probably wouldn’t notice! And you wonder why I want to merrily throttle him?!

I saw my favourite nurse today too! She’s just a gem and makes me giggle heaps! It REALLY helps to feel SO welcomed at your clinic. I really have never ever felt like just another number trodding through their clinical practice and that’s so refreshing.

So … Historically my ultrasounds involve lots of prodding and digging and standing on my guts and LOTS of concerned faces … However I’m happy to say that wasn’t the case this time! Woop woop!

My ovaries clearly got the memo this time! They were both present and correct and they made my team smile. I’ll take that!

I’m not 100% sure how many are in there. I never asked and they never told me. But I think I’m going to try the low stress method of just letting them take care of the science and not trying to second guess them … Me knowing won’t change anything so I’ll adopt the “it is what it is” attitude I think. (Wish me luck with that! I reckon I’ll have emailed by the end of the day to ask, unless I sit on my paws!)

My bloods also came back great so I’m basically plodding along merrily with no changes in dose and another monitoring appointment scheduled for midweek.

Sooooo … Game is still a go-go for now a and I’ll happily accept that for now I get to keep moving forward.

Good Job Ovaries! Now keep up the hardwork! If you ace this stage you’ll get some extra special attention through in the inner sanctum of the clinic soon enough! There’s no show without you two!

3 thoughts on “sharing smiles …

  1. I asked for my follicle count after they got my results and my nurse wouldn’t give me exact numbers. I knew she was doing it for my own sanity. Clearly these wonderful nurses know we are all Google-addicts. 🙂

  2. You might be able to find out how many follies you have on the online system. In the record of your cycle it will show this appointment and a list of measurements.. just in case you need to know! Good knows on the green light for cycle 1.1. Go ovaries go!!

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