i seem to have …

… developed a really icky habit of scrutinising my toilet paper after every pee!

Please tell me this is normal cos right now I feel like a massive weirdo!

I’ve got four sleeps till my beta! I predict I’m entering a new stage of crazy for this last few days! Sheesh! This is far from the easy peasy patient patient I tend to be.

I woke up this morning rubbing my tummy! Maybe I think I’m Buddha?

Whatever unfolds I’m kinda glad mr me is away at work so he can’t witness the psycho I’m becoming!

We were talking before he left and he actually complimented me on taking it all in my stride. Apparently he thought I would be an utter complete total hormonal ivfzilla but that I was great and not even slightly a pain in the arse! Woop! Permission to crank it up!

Here’s to sleep and waking up closer to finding out what’s going on inside my bits!


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