13dp2dt = beta number 1

I always think these numbers make me sound like a microchip for some complex circuit board!

I can’t quite comprehend that I’m physically writing this post.

I thought this cycle may cancel in the early days.

I thought my poor response would make my results wobbly.

I thought my teeny tiny embies going back on day 2 wasn’t giving them the opportunity to grow strong and able.

I thought that I was lucky to have gotten as far as ER.

I genuinely thought that if this cycle bombed out at the beta that I’d be ok with that cos at least by getting to the beta it meant that our cycle had been successful to a degree.

What I did not expect was a BFP! But I got it and I’m stunned!

Beta 1 @15dpo was 332

Beta 2 is now scheduled for Thursday to check doubling. Fingers crossed hard!

So far so good! I’ll keep taking each day at a time … One foot in front if the other and trying to breath it out.

I’ve never been this far before and I could not be happier tonight as I go to bed 😍

Niiiiiight 😴😴😴

34 thoughts on “13dp2dt = beta number 1

    • It’s lovely you found me πŸ˜€ I found you via drunkstorks OLBA post.
      I look forward to getting familiar with your journey and you and thanks for your congratulations 😍

    • Heeeeello !!! Other than being THE worst blogger in the world EVER I’m doing great! I’m 21 weeks 4 days with b/g twins and feeling cautiously optimistic that this may well turn out ok in the end 😊
      I’ve been mega quiet due to a measure of survivors guilt mixed with a dash of I don’t want to jinx this … Silly I know 😁 that neurotic cell in my brain just won’t chill out.
      Hope you’re doing dandy, despite the fruitloops that want to pick fights and your DH going through the wars, and thanks for checking in on me 😘

      • Congratulations! I’m thrilled for you! πŸ™‚
        I totally understand your reluctance to blog–if I wasn’t at home alone so much (and on the internet) I probably would’ve quit blogging too. Well, but also I really like *most of* the bloggers so I didn’t want to leave them either.
        And as for me, I’m fine–pregnancy has gone well and even with the recent health scare with DH, I can’t complain πŸ™‚
        I hope to hear more from you! XOXO

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