here’s my potted history

me & mr me – both 38

1994 met at university but eventually figured out we “liked” each other in

2000 literally just after “the bells” as we celebrated the millennium …

2001 – got engaged

2003 – got married

2005 – I had a midlife crisis and wanted to become a photographer so returned to full time education to get my degree

2008 – qualified as a photographer and started teaching and stopped preventing

2010 – after years of girly issues and being fobbed off I finally had a meltdown and asked to be referred to a specialist

2011 – diagnosed with Endometrial Hyperplasia with Atypia (the state before endometrial cancer) hysterectomy recommended

2011 – FINALLY got our Canadian Permanent Residency after 5 years of processing

2011 – five unsuccessful rounds of Clomid

2012 – medication break and moved to Canada and self referred to an amazing RE here

2013 – hormone treatment to try to reverse hyperplasia long enough to get pregnant also discovered blocked tubes and scarring

2014 – hyperplasia reversed and fast forward to IVF !!! Woohoo

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