Inukshuk …


I very much think that this process is a journey. Not simply to the destination of parenthood but also in my self discovery and understanding of my inner strength and dedication.

I’m the sort of person who always gets what I want, sadly it’s not necessarily been through my own personal determination and focus I’m ashamed to say. I tend to be pretty fortunate and I think that synchronicity has regularly put me into the right place at the right time.

There are only really two things in life that aren’t just quite perfect:

1) my constant struggle with my weight!
2) the absence of child(ren)

This morning whilst going through my routine I found that I’d subconsciously arranged my pills into an Inukshuk of sorts.

I googled it to double check the meaning. The traditional definition of the Inuit Inukshuk that I found online is:

In the image of man.
The Inukshuk is a symbol of human spirit.
They are created to help guide you and others.
An Inukshuk represents safety and nourishment, trust and reassurance.
They are the product of cooperation and balance.
You are on the right path.

I’ve pondered this definition all day and I wanted to share it here.

My Dear Child(ren),

I’ve got a shocking sense of direction and I am without exception always late for life (but never late for work).

I wanted to let you know that I appreciate your patience in waiting for me to find you. I’ll get there one day (hopefully soon). I promise you that I’ve been gathering lots of life skills to keep you warm and safe.

I’ll encourage you to identify what you want most from life and be brave and focused enough to find it. You can’t always rely on stuff working out without putting in a bit of effort, making a few concessions here and there and generally investing a bit of heart and soul.

The longer it takes me to navigate to you the more I’ll know on this topic!

Behave yourselves till I get there!

xxx hugs xxx