home sweet home

I’ve been keeping pretty quiet this last week. I’ve been trying to put one foot in front of the other. I’ve been trying to stay in my happy place. I’ve been trying to work my way through this crazy process while staying authentic and present.

I saw my REs sad face more times than I’d have liked 😞

I saw my hubby get down that I wasn’t responding terribly well in this IVF 1.1 cycle.

I feared that any day when I went for a monitoring appointment I was going to leave with yet another cancelled cycle.

BUT I’m glad to say that my amazing RE and his team didn’t give up on me! I stimmed for 10 days in total prior to my HCG trigger on Saturday night.

I was working with just four follicles of notable size, but given the diagnosis of DOR last cycle my clinic wondered if that’s just as good a result as I was going to get and were ok to push forward with my protocol and see how we pan out.

So on Labour Day Monday I went in for my Egg Retrieval with my heart in my mouth and beyond anxious about what we might find.

The process itself was fairly uncomfortable. I’ve got crazy floating ovaries which tend to wander about. This means it takes A LOT of abdominal pushing and pressure to get them into a place they can be viewed. OUCH! I was given a fairly funky cocktail of drugs and that meant I cared not a jot!

So – four follicles = four eggs !!! Woohoo! Relief! We were delighted and I got to see my REs happy face!

I slept for 20hrs that day and woke up on Tuesday feeling GREAT!

Day one – My embryologist called to say that of my four eggs they did two IVF (the smaller less mature eggs) and two ICSI (the bigger more mature eggs) and three fertilised !!! Three !!! I was delighted with that ☺️

My Dr had spoken to me on Monday and said that as we were working with low numbers he wanted to take no chances whatsoever and we’d schedule a day two transfer.

SO today … We went in bright and early for an update and our transfer.

We met our dr at the door of the surgical suite and he had the biggest smile! Told us we had two “beautiful embryos” to transfer!

I was SO chuffed I even forgot to be in pain from my full bladder!

We got into the transfer room got comfy and the embryologist came through to discuss our grades.

The clinic uses a 1-20 (20 totally exceptional!) scale … Mine were perfect 4 cell beautiful looking buns! The embryologist said they were 19s and the RE & RN told her to stop being mean and give them both a 20 cos they were perfect 😍

She LOL’d and said she would but she NEVER gives them out!

Both are now back home now and that’s hopefully where they’ll decide to stay.

My beta test is due on the 15th September. That’s AGES away!

So in the meantime I’ll go back to being quiet I think 😊

Note to my embryos:

Welcome home! You’ve been dreamed about for a long time. It’s beyond my comprehension that this might work. That this could work. That this time I may very well end up filling my empty arms!


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